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Although the Metro Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program recognizes that vehicular speeding, reckless driving and an increase in traffic all pose serious risks to public health and safety, just 8 streets were selected for funding in the January 2019. Oriole Place was charted as neighborhood #9 and JUST missed out.

The residents of Oriole Place continue to work diligently towards finding a lasting and dynamic solution to accompany the changes and improvements that have already been implemented. These solutions are listed below in order of popularity, as voted on by residents of Oriole Place who chose to participate in the previous neighborhood meetings and petition.

A. Restoring our street back to a dead-end with the preferred ‘end’ being on the Shackleford end of the street

B. Converting our street to a ‘cul-de-sac’ with the end of the street and ‘turn around area’ being on the Richard Jones end

C. Converting our street to a one-way going north bound (towards Richard Jones) with the traffic lane in the middle of the road with a pedestrian lane on one side and a bike lane on the other side

D. Installing several speed humps to deter cut through traffic and reckless drivers

We welcome you and appreciate your support.

*chart image is courtesy of Metro website*

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