Viable Solutions

Dead-end street

In our last neighborhood meeting, it was decided that our goal was to restore our street back to a dead-end. Apparently, our street was a dead-end years ago and was changed because Nashville Fire Station 20 was located on Richard Jones Road. Nashville Fire Station 20 has since been relocated to Harding Place, 2.2 miles from Oriole Place. We determined that we would prefer to have the ‘dead-end’ be on the Shackleford Road (South bound) end of the street.


The second option, as voted by the Oriole Place residents, would be to make the street a cul-de-sac with the end of the street and ‘turnaround area’ being on the Richard Jones (north bound) end.

A cul-de-sac is often quieter and safer for children; they provide the potential for more neighborly interaction; there is a greater sense of privacy; residents have a greater ability to distinguish neighbors from strangers; and there are generally lower burglary and crime rates.

One way Street

The third option would be to make Oriole Place a one-way going north bound (towards Richard Jones) and have the other lane converted into a pedestrian/bike/parking lane OR to have the traffic lane in the middle of the road and a pedestrian lane on one side and bike lane on the other.

This option wouldn’t necessarily help with the speed of which vehicles travel, but would hopefully help reduce the number of vehicles that travel our street and would provide a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists, residents and personal property.

speed humps

The fourth most popular option was to have speed humps installed. Speed humps were no longer being used several years ago, but according to the Traffic Commission (as of July 2019 conversations) they are slowly starting to use them again in a few areas. Our street could benefit from them.

It is important to note that option 1, 2 and 3 would help provide further parking for residents.