why we need a solution

Previous incidents and justifications for our request for Traffic Calming on Oriole Place.

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Previous incidents and justifications

  1. Our road at the widest point is 21 feet wide and 756 feet long. The width measurement is total width of the road, including the very minimal 6”of pavement on either side that separates our yards from the road. This means that our road is the minimum allowable width, 10’ for each lane.

  2. We have no shoulder, no sidewalk and no curb = no protection.  

  3. Our homes have a minimum setback from the street of 40 feet, with most homes being roughly 55 feet away from the street. This means that we have shallow front yards with very limited space. SO, when a driver loses control of a vehicles, they are very likely to damage our personal property.

  4. We have large number of children under the age of ten years old that live on our street. Over 20 small children.

  5. We have an elementary school bus stop in the middle of our street. Many vehicles started driving around the bus while it was letting children on/off, so the bus driver had to start parking the bus in the middle of the street to impede any vehicle from speeding around it.

  6. It is unsafe to check our mailboxes. Several instances have occurred and people have almost been struck by an oncoming vehicle while checking their mailbox. These individuals had to jump out fo the way to avoid being struck.

  7. We have a great deal of pedestrian traffic. pedestrians use Oriole Place as a shortcut to David Lipscomb, a shortcut to Hillsboro/Richard Jones, as a part of their neighborhood walking route. High school track teams regularly use our street during their running practice, in addition to, people walking to and from Metro Bus Stops located on Shackleford/Oriole and Richard Jones/Lone Oak.

  8. We have no signage for our school bus stop and only 1 speed limit sign.

  9. Several of us have had our mailboxes hit by a reckless vehicle and they had to be completely replaced.

  10. Our trash and recycling cans are hit by vehicles on a regular basis.

  11. We are a very small street with only 28 houses.

  12. We are terrified to allow our children to play in our front yards.  

  13. The shape curve on Richard Jones/Oriole transition somehow incites drivers to speed recklessly around the corner and then proceed to drive at high speeds down the remainder of the street.

  14. We have a Free Little Library on our street.

  15. We have trouble getting into and out of driveways with vehicles impatiently speeding around or in front of our vehicles.

  16. Lone Oak has a light and a 3-way stop that are close distance, which limits vehicles from having the space to get up to high speed before they have to stop at the 3-way stop at the intersection with Shackleford. Oriole Place is used as a shortcut to Shackleford going east bound to avoid maintaining a reasonable speed on Lone Oak, drivers are cutting through on Oriole and speeding recklessly down our street.

  17. Lone Oak and Glen Echo both have wider roads, a curb, a sidewalk (or double sidewalk) and are better equipped to handle the traffic.

  18. The amount of vehicles traveling on Oriole Place will most certainly increase when the high rise on the corner of Richard Jones and Hillsboro is completed. In addition, the population of Nashville is continuing to grow at a staggering pace.

  19. Residents on Oriole Place are selling their homes with road and traffic conditions, and the safety of their children being a significant motivation.

  20. We have had multiple car break-ins in the past year ad increase crime in our community.

  21. Property values decrease on streets with a lot of through traffic.

  22. We have no shoulder on either side and a storm drain on the west side of the street, preventing visitors a safe place to park their vehicles.

  23. Officer Johnny R. Cantrell, Badge #834806, while using a radar gun on Oriole Place to ticket speeders was notably surprised by the unsafe conditions.